Jun 30, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Curlicious (mesh hair, w/ color hud)
Face Freckles: Just Magnetized - Beauty Marks - set 02 for (Update, for classic, omega and catwa)
Dress: [Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress - Pulse Rainbow Special  @Pulse Fundraiser
Sandals: #EMPIRE - Ipomoea @Fantasy Collective
French Bulldog in the floor: +MISSNOISE+ #1 French Bulldog
Pose with french bulldog: BellePoses - French Dog

Jun 29, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Voluminous Topknot (mesh hair, w/ color hud)
Hairbase: Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 11 (for classic, omega and catwa)
Glasses: [Since1975] - WaveGlass (group gift 0L)
Piercing: [Since1975] - Septum'Gacha / Gold Ring @The Gacha Guardian
Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Haka Tattoo V2.0 50% @Designer Circle
Top and Shorts: Bens Boutique - Emel Shirt & Short - Hud Driven 
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Sedum @Vintage Fair
Poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Grace' #06 (pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 27, 2016


Head: Catwa
Body: Slink Hourglass
Hair: Pelle - Gwen Hair / Red @Designer Circle
Dress: A Breakfast Convo - Kay Summer Maxi / Pink (maitreya, slink  HourG and Freya, available in 4 colors) @The Project Se7en
Poses: Omen Poses - Millena Pack (pack w/ 5 static poses)

Jun 24, 2016


Hair: Emo-tions - Franka @Cosmopolitan
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows set 07 (for classic, catwa and omega)
Cig: Nikotin - Cigarette Girafe
Top: Ricielli - Lily Minitop / Pink (classic, belleza, maitreya, slink HourG) @Shiny Shabby
Belly chain: Ryca - Belly Chain Tri / Gold (available in platinum color)
Skirt: Cynful - Petty Skirt / White (belleza, slink and maitreya)
Waist sweater: Miss Canning - Waist Sweater / Nebulae (mesh, resizable)
Sandals: Empire - Clarkia (maitreya, belleza, slink and tmp) @Shiny Shabby
Poses: Moccino - Cassy (pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 22, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Wispy Topknot (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Lips: Just Magnetized - Calystegia (classic, omega and catwa) @The Showroom
Choker: Emo-tions - Morphine (available in gold color) @Lost & Found
Outfit: Elegance Boutique - Liz / Black (Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique) @Cosmopolitan
Sandals: Ricielli - KYRA High Heels HUD 16 colors @Cosmopolitan

Jun 21, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Sky 179 (w/ color hud)
Glasses: Zoom - Cat Eyes Glasses (w/ color hud)
Lips: Just Magnetized - Calystegia Lipstick (for classic avatar, catwa and omega applier, available in 16 colors) @The Showroom
Top and Skirt: Bens Boutique - Betul Skirt & Shirt (w/ color hud)
Sneakers: Empire - Thyme (w/ color hud)
Poses w/ joystick, couch and rug: BellePoses - Smart Girls @Geektopia (w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 20, 2016


Hair: Nylon Outfiters - Banged Slick / Red (old, unfortunately I not found in the marketplace store)
Lips: Deesses Boutique - Adele (for catwa)
Outfit: Asteria - Stela / Lavender (headband, top and skirt) @Cosmopolitan
Sandals: Ricielli - Mabelle High Heels (for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP) @Tres Chic
Poses: Moccino - Hillary (pack w/ 6 static poses. I used 1, 2 and 3)

Jun 18, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Sky 194 (mesh hair, w/ color hud)
Necklace: Ryca - Chain Lock (available in platinum color)
Bodysuit: Six Essence - Bodysuit Maya @The Showroom
Pose: Moccino - Gift Pose 

Jun 17, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Sky 208 (mesh hair w/ color hud) 
Lips: Just Magnetized - Iris Lipstick (for classic, omega and catwa) @Cosmetic Fair
Outfit: Asteria - In Flames / black (for classic, HourG and Maitreya)
Whip: Twisted Orchid - Whip (I found in the marketplace 0L)

Jun 16, 2016


Hair: Pritty - Kaylin (fatpack - exclusive group gift / old)
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows - set 06 (for classic, omega and catwa) @Cosmetic Fair
Lips: Just Magnetized - Just Magnetized - Hellebore Lipstick (for classic, omega and catwa) @Cosmetic Fair
Body: Six Essence - Six Essence-Cateline Bodysuit / Black @The Showroom
Sandals: Empire - #EMPIRE - Statice @Kustom 9
Poses: BellePoses - Katheryn (w/ headband in colors: black, pink, purple and aqua)

Jun 15, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Braided Topknot 2 (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Necklace: Ryca - Necklace Coin Ryc-02 / Short Gold (available in platinum color)
Top: Bens Boutique - Ece Top (w/ color hud - Classic, Slink and Maitreya bodies)
Skirt: A Breakfast Convo - Rhema Lazy Skirt / Navy (Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies)
Sandals: Empire - Cuckoo (w/ color hud - Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and TMP bodies) @Kawaii Project
Pose: Moccino - Couple #01 (in pic was used an avatar that Second Life has in its inventory, called Derrick)


Hair: Rezology - Sky 192a (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Outfit: Elegance Boutique - Pants & Top  "Pina" - Vintage (open 17th June - 10th July - w/ shorts option) @Tres Chic

Jun 14, 2016


Look 1: 

Hair: Pelle - Claudia  MESH hair with Panama / honey blonde (available in other colors) @Designer Circle
Jumpsuit: Bens Boutique - Nazli Jumper (w/ color hud)
Sneakers: Empire - Thyme (w/ color hud)

Look 2: 

Hair: Pelle - Fiore Hair / natural red (available in other colors) @Designer Circle
Necklace: Ryca - Chain Chunky Crown Single / Gold (option single or double chain and available in platinum color)
Dress: Bens Boutique - Gulay Mini Dress (w/ color hud)
Sneakers: Empire - Thyme (w/ color hud)


Hair: Rezology -  Low Pigtails 2
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows - set 05 for CATWA @Vintage Fair
Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Black roses Tattoo V2.0 50% (Body applier for: Avatar base, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP and Omega
Head applier for: Catwa and Avatar base) @Designer Circle
Top and Panties: Elegance Boutique - Top&Panties Sophy / Black @Cosmopolitan
Thigh corset: Empire - Thigh Corset (w/ color hud) @Anybody
Poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection "Naomi" #03 (1, 6 and 2 used - pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 13, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Tossed Behind (w/ color hud)
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows - set 04 for CATWA (tintable) @Vintage Fair
Lipstick: Just Magnetized - Orchid Lipstick (set w/ 16 colors) @Vintage Fair
Nails: Deesses Boutique -  Creamy nails (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza)
Necklace: Ryca - Chain Chunky Heart Double / Gold (available in platinum color)
Dress: Bens Boutique - Gulay Mini Dress V2 (Classic, Slink and Maitreya, w/ texture hud)
Shoes: Empire - Iris (w/ color hud) @We Love Roleplay
Poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection "Naomi" #03 (3, 4 and 5 used, pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 11, 2016


Head Mesh: Catwa - Helena
Skin: Deesses Boutique - Laura for Catwa / Caffe Milk (50) tone
Hair: Emo-tions - Valentina @On9
Eyes: Egozy - Subliminal Eyes / Dark Brown
Beauty Moles: Just Magnetized - Beauty Marks / set 01 for Catwa
Lips: Just Magnetized - Hiacynth Lipstick (classic, Catwa and Omega) @Vintage Fair
Dress: Bens Boutique - Irmak Mini Dress (w/ color hud)
Bag: Ricielli - Peekaboo Bag / Caramel
Sandals: Sheba - Natalie Wedges (w/ color hud)

Just Magnetized - Hiacynth Lipstick

Jun 10, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Wisp (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Lips: Moccino - Collection Creamer Ultra-Matte for Fiore / Strawberry Cream
Sunglasses: Ryca - Sunglasses CC Black/Color (w/ option color)
Tattoo: Queen of Ink - Black Roses Tattoo V1.0 50% (w/ appliers) @The Black Dot Project (open June 11th, tomorrow ♥)
Romper: Cynful - Groovy Romper (w/ color hud option) @Vintage Fair
Sandals: Cynful - Groovy Sandals (w/ color hud option) @Vintage Fair

Jun 9, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Blunted Topknot (mesh hair w/ color hud option)
Eyeliner: Moccino - Applier Eyeliners Slay Collection For Fiore
Lipstick: Moccino - Collection Creamer Ultra-Matte for Fiore
Jewelry: Bens Boutique - Irem Jewelry Set - Hud Driven (50 Lindens for group members)
Dress: Ricielli - Khloe Dress / Dark Iridescent @The Chapter Four
Sandals: EMPIRE - Matthiola @Rock Attitude Fair

Moccino - Applier Eyeliners Slay Collection For Fiore

moccino - Collection Creamer Ultra-Matte for Fiore

Jun 8, 2016


Hair: Emo-tions - Terry @Cosmopolitan
Purse: Since 1975 - Edo Purse (3 sizes, w/ color hud)
Dress: A Breakfast Convo - Kelly Dresses / Mint (Group Gift, available in colors: Black, Bloo, Mint, Nude, Pastel and Pink - for Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya bodies)
Sandals: Ricielli - Wendy High Heels (w/ color hud - 18 colors) @Cosmopolitan

Jun 7, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Meadow
Lips: Just Magnetized - Rose Lipstick for Catwa @The Showroom
Dress: IAF - Monet Mini Dress (w/ appliers) @PHAT
Harness: EMPIRE - Nepeta Harness (w/ color hud) @The Chapter Four
Sandals: EMPIRE - Canna (w/ color hud) @The Chapter Four


Hair: Rezology - Sleek and Centered (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Outfit: Asteria - Taylor (headpieces included)
Sandals: Empire - Phlox (slink, maitreya, belleza and TMP, w/ color hud) @Tropical Summer

Jun 6, 2016


Head: Logo - Alex Mesh Head
Skin: Pelle - Flower Skin / Cream (omega applier included) @Instruments Event
Eyes - Insufferable Dastard - City Lights (mesh eyes) / gray
Hair: Rezology - Timber (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Hat: IAF - Brown Flop Hat (freebie at store)
Bikini: Ricielli - Roya Bikini / Brown (Maitreya, Belleza) @Tropical Summer
Poses: Moccino - Poses Pack Collection "Jenny" #01 (using 2 and 6 - pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jun 5, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Victory Rolls (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Lips: Just Magnetized - Rose Lipstick for CATWA @The Showroom
Choker: Rebel Gal - Valentina Choker (group gift, w/ color hud)
Vest: Damoour - Vest Open Front Jeans Mesh 
Bodysuit: Missnoise - Swinsuite Skeleton UP / black @Designer Circle
Skirt: Cynful - Denim Skirt 3/4 (Maitreya, Physique) @TDR
Flats: Empire - Xylosma (w/ color hud - Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and TMP)
Plastic bag w/ pose: BellePoses - Plastic Shopping bag 4

Jun 4, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Moonbeam (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Sunglasses: Ryca - SUNGLASSES KP62 / gold
Outfit: Emporium - Lanna Outfit (classic and fitmesh, w/ 19 bikini textures and 10 cover-up textures hud) @Tropical Summer 2016 Exclusive
Poses: Moccino - Jenny (4, 3 and 5 used, pack w/ 6 static poses) 

Jun 2, 2016


Hair: rezology Tailicious (mesh hair)
Lips: Deesses Boutique: CATWA - Matte lipstick set (5 colors)
Earrings: Ryca - Earring Bold-Chain-470 / Platinum 
Outfit: Elegance Boutique - Skirt and Top "Jade" / Red  (Maitreya - Slink) @Ultra Event
Clutch bag: [whatever] Stud Clutch
Shoes: Garbaggio // FREE Sample Pack for SLink Feet (w/ 4 option colors)


Hair: Emo-tions - Warlord / Reds (unisex, mesh hair) @We Love Roleplay (event open June 4th)
Hairbase: Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase / set 05 for Omega (tintable, I'm using head mesh Logo - Alex)
Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows / set 03 for Omega (tintable, I'm using head mesh Logo - Alex) @The Creativity Collective
Cover-Up: A Breakfast Convo - Navajo Junky Cover-Up / Pea (Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies)
Under Body: Certifye - Olivia / black (w/ omega and TMP applier)
Bracelets: Emo-tions - Destiny set acessories / Faith and Home - gold
Bag: Missnoise - Canvas Bag / Elephant (w/ 2 anims)
Sandals: Sheba - Blob Flats (Slink, w/ color hud - 20 colors and metals gold and silver)

Jun 1, 2016


Hair: Rezology - Dream (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Dress: Bens Boutique - Cicek Mini Dress (w/ color hud - w/ 30 option colors) 100L!!!
Shoes: Empire - Primrose (Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass and TMP bodies - w/ color hud) @Shiny Shabby


Hair: Rezology - Sky 217 (mesh hair, w/ color hud)
Harness: Empire - Amatrix Harness (only Maitreya body, w/ color hud)
Shoes: Empire -  Trillium (w/ color hud - Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya ans TMP bodies compatible) @Whimsical