Jul 30, 2016


head: CATWA HEAD Destiny @Mesh Body Addicts  1th - 21th August
eyes: Insol: 'Selfie' eyes, *GIFT* 
lashes: .euphoric ~Stella  Lashes ~[Catwa]
skin: Bold & Beauty - Natacha / Fair (catwa applier)
hair: rezology The Cat (mesh hair w/ color hud)
jewelry: Bens Boutique - Irem Jewelry Set - Hud Driven
dress: [Cynful] Mai Tai / (each color include s 3 versions: solid, stripes and ombré, for freya, isis, venus, maitreya, physique and hourg) @Mesh Body Addicts  1th - 21th August
sandals: #EMPIRE - Buttercup (w/ color hud, belleza, maitreya, slink and tmp)
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Yuuca' #07

Mesh Head "Destiny" by Catwa

Jul 29, 2016


hair: rezology Blunted and Beautiful (mesh hair w/ color hud)
top and panties: EMPORIUM - Brianna Tanktop (Thong Included) @Kinky Montly
pants: [DR] Skinny Jeans Ripped Dark Jeans  D.G.M ::Mesh::
sandals: #EMPIRE - Buddleja (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp - 50L only today) @Fifty Linden Fridays
poses: BellePoses - Mel @Roulett3 Event
background / scenery: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Finch Lavatory (limited quantity)

Jul 28, 2016


hair: little bones. Yuno - Variety (free 0L)
face freckles: Moccino - Applier Freckles (catwa & fiore heads)
top: Bens Boutique - Esra Frilly Tank - Hud Driven (fitmesh, physique, hourg, maitreya)
pants: !!C.F!! Cabana Shorts Lt. Blue (tmp and omega appliers)
sandals: [Sheba] Dido gladiator sandals (Tex Changer Hud *Slink High)
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Yuuca' #07 (pack w/ 6 static poses and pose stand)

Jul 27, 2016


hair: rezology Swept Up Sophisticate
hairbase: Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 13 (classic, omega and catwa) @Appliqué
outfit: Asteria -  Teddy (maitreya) @Ultra Event
headphone: ~BAZAR~Stockholm-Headphones (Decoration)
bag: IAF Clutch (Black, freebie)
sunglasses: IAF Large Sunglasses (freebie)

Hairbase set 13 by Just Magnetized

Jul 26, 2016


hair: Lamb. Wolf (gacha)
Lipstick: Just Magnetized - Crocus Lipstick (hud 16 colors, classic, catwa and omega) @Ultra Event
choker: IAF Tattoo Choker / black (10 Colours)
outfit: EMPORIUM - Emma Outfit / Pack 1 (classic and omega applier) @Appliqué

Crocus Lipstick by Just Magnetized

Jul 25, 2016


hair: rezology Equanimity (mesh hair w/ color hud)
watch: Ryca - WATCH-LUX3.0 (available in platinum color)
dress: Elegance Boutique -Dress "Carmen" / Navy (maitreya, slink physique and hourglass) @Cosmopolitan
bag: Bens Boutique - Fiona Tote Bag (w/ color hud)
shoes: #EMPIRE - Shasta (w/ color hud, belleza, maitreya, slink and tmp) @Shiny Shabby


mesh head: Genesis_Head_Sunny_2.0_GROUP GIFT (group paid)
hair: .:EMO-tions.. *KALIOPE* @Lost & Found
eyes: Just Magnetized - Basic eyes - set 01 - tone 04c
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Casino Royal Tattoo (w/ appliers, omega, tmp, maitreya, slink - versions 50% and 100%) @Designer Circle
body cloth: +Missnoise+ SUMMERBODY RED @Designer Circle
overknee socks: #HASHTAG - Bas White/Grey

Jul 24, 2016


bear avatar: :: Miss Canning ::  [ Teddy Bear Avatar ] (mesh)
ice cream: Mc Donald's/ Ciudad Ink: Cono Frutilla (transfer, just click on attendants to get food >.<)
pose: [Omen Poses] James Pose Pack (I'm used pose 4, pack w/ 4 static poses)
land: Ciudad Ink (no rezz, but great for pics in the city)

Omen Poses - James Fatpack 


hair: PELLE - Marti hair PLATINUM (available in other colors) @Designer Circle
ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears @Shiny Shabby (i love this ears, perfect!!! ♥)
outfit (necklace, top, panties): Asteria - Capretto (physique, hourglass, maitreya - gold and platinum versions) @Cosmopolitan
sandals: #EMPIRE - Trollius (fatpack on sale in the marketplace, only 99L)

Jul 23, 2016


hair w/ rose: .:EMO-tions.. *KEONA* (include rose blue, orange and violet) @Shiny Shabby
bodysuit: IAF Latex Leotard / Cream (w/ appliers omega and tmp)
body harness: #EMPIRE - Alstroemeria (slink hourglass, physique, maitreya and belleza) @ROMP

Jul 22, 2016


hair w/ hat: .:EMO-tions.. *VIOLA* @HairFair
top: Ricielli - Allie Top / Desert (available in other colors: freya, isis, maitreya, hourg, physique) @Cosmopolitan
shorts: [whatever] Shorts Layer - #1 (the store will close, so it's all 50-100L)
leg chain: #EMPIRE - Nerine Chain (freya, isis, venus, maitreya, physique, hourg) @Chapter 4
sandals: R.icielli - NANCYHigh Heels HUD 24 colors (belleza, maitreya, tmp, slink) @Cosmopolitan

Gift and 5 hairstyle options by Emo-tions for HairFair 2016

Jul 20, 2016


hair: .: LIKE DESIGN :. Tadla Hair Brown and Black @Trend Fashion Fair
glasses: [UMEBOSHI] Castor glasses -Black & White
top: Mag<3.B Mia frill top Summer (w/ color hud = 6 colors) @Trend Fashion Fair
skirt: HOC Industries - Wrinkled Pleated Skirt
socks: #EMPIRE - Peruvian (freya, isis, venus, hourg, physique, maitreya + color hud = 15 colors) @Kawaii Project
shoes: #EMPIRE - Asclepias (freya, isis, venus, hourg, physique, maitreya + color hud = 15 colors) @Kawaii Project
plastic bag w/ candies: BellePoses - Plastic Shopping Bag 3
bat bag: {Uniwaii} - Batwaii @Trend Fashion Fair

Jul 19, 2016


hat: JfL Sailor hat with stripes_blue 
hair: rezology Convolution (mesh hair w/ color hud)
lipstick: Deesses Boutique: Laura - *CATWA* lipstick set - 15 colors
necklace: ::C'est la vie !::Cecily Necklace/ group gift
outfit: Elegance B. -Outfit "Sara" - Fuschia -  Maitreya, Slink @Trend Fashion Fair
shoes: Emporium - Bardot Heels V1 @Suicide Dollz
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Grace' #06 (pack w/ 6 static poses)

Jul 18, 2016


hair w/ hat: .:EMO-tions.. *HEIKE* @HairFair
outfit: EMPORIUM - Hathaway Outfit 3 @Trend Fashion Fair
leg tattoo: [PinUp] Locked leg tattoo (belleza, maitreya, omega) @Trend Fashion Fair
poses w/ chair and coconut: BellePoses - Girls Of Summer @Pose Lover


hair: rezology Gigi (mesh hair w/ color hud)
necklace: [Cynful] Pucker Necklace #1 RARE (w/ color hud) @The Epiphany
armband: [Cynful] Pucker Lipstick Armband RARE (w/ color hud, freya, isis, venus, maitreya, hourg, physique) @The Epiphany
bracelet: [Cynful] Pucker Bracelet #2 RARE (w/ color hud) @The Epiphany
belt: [Cynful] Pucker Lipstick Belt RARE (w/ color hud, freya, isis, venus, maitreya, hourg, physique) @The Epiphany
garter: [Cynful] Pucker Garter #2 RARE (w/ color hud, freya, isis, venus, maitreya, hourg, physique) @The Epiphany
pants: [Cynful] Pucker Pants Camo RARE (w/ color hud outliners, freya, isis, venus, maiteya, hourg, physique) @The Epiphany
sandals: #EMPIRE - Nemesia / Overknee (flat: freya, isis, venus, maitreya, physique, hourg, w/ color hud 15 colors + 3 metals) @The Epiphany

Cynful Gacha at The Epiphany / 2016

! - SALE - ! - SALE - ! - SALE - ! - SALE - ! - SALE - ! - SALE - !

Nearly all items are discounted to under 100 or even 50 Linden!
Feel free to go shopping and buy some old but gold items!

Jul 17, 2016


hat: ::C'est la vie !:: pretty big fedora (black) mesh (group gift @mainstore)
lipstick: .kosmetik - Lipstick Matte.outlined (catwa, lelutka, omega - 5 colors) @Trend Fashion Fair
hair: rezology Butterfly 100 (mesh hair w/ color hud)
dress: #EMPIRE - Daisy Dress (isis, venus, freya, physique, hourG, maitreya - w/ hud 15 colors) @Epiphany RARE
addon for shoes (overknee): #EMPIRE - Alyssum Addon (isis, venus, freya, physique, hourG, maitreya - w/ hud 15 colors@Epiphany RARE
sandals: #EMPIRE - Alyssum (isis, venus, freya, physique, hourG, maitreya - w/ hud 15 colors) @Epiphany RARE
giraffe: [Since1975]-Mechanical Giraffe-Silver (available in gold and black too, wearable, animated - standing and waking) @Tres Chic

*I build prisms to compose the scenery. 

Jul 15, 2016


hair: Rezology - Sunny (mesh hair w/ color hud)
lipstick: Just Magnetized - Orchid (omega, classic, catwa, 16 colors)
dress: Missnoise - Knot Dress / Stripes @Designer Circle
belly chain: Ryca - Belly Chain CR / Platinum
harness: Empire - Forsythia (Belleza Freya, Belleza Venus, Belleza Isis, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, Maitreya, The Mesh Project - 15 colors included - parts individual changeable) @We <3 Roleplay
flats: Emporium - Alexa Flats
bag: C'est la vie - Elmo Bag (w/ color hud and textures) only today 50L @Fifty Linden Friday

Jul 14, 2016


eyeshadow: *ScS* Mesmerizing Eyeshadow (catwa, omega, da face, slink visage, tmp, included 8 colors) @Trend Fashion Fair (open July 15th)
lipstick: *ScS* Fierce Lipstick Vixens (catwa, omega, da face, slink visage, tmp, included 8 colors) @Trend Fashion Fair (open July 15th)
hair: little bones. Grimes 
dress: {ABC} Karla Thermal Nighty / white (available in 7 colors, freya, hourglass, maitreya) @TDR

Jul 13, 2016


hair: rezology Fiat Lux (mesh hair)
dress: Bens Boutique - Sare Frilly Dress -  Hud Driven
Boots: #EMPIRE - Begonia (freya, isis, venus, slink physique, hourG, maitreya, w/ color hud 12 colors)
poses: [Omen Poses] Enchanted (pack w/ 3 static poses and butterfly)

Jul 12, 2016


hair: rezology Silent Lips (mesh hair w/ color hud)
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Bad Unicorn Tattoo (w/ appliers) @Designer Circle
pasties: Mad' - Free Pasties [Appliers]
upper body harness: #EMPIRE - Lechenaultia (15 colors included, Belleza Freya, Belleza Venus, Belleza Isis, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, Maitreya) @Mesh Body Addicts
panties: IAF Tiny Thong / White (w/ applier omega, tmp)
sandals: #EMPIRE - Hosta - Plastic (for slink mid) @Anybody


hair: *Soonsiki~ Julian
eyes: *Queen oF Ink [Soulful Eyes] - Dark Chocolate
lipstick: Just Magnetized - Hellebore Lipstick for CATWA
outfit: Elegance Boutique -Pants & Top "Lia" / black (maitreya, physique, hourG) @Mesh Body Addicts
purse: !!C.F!! Bo Purse Fatpack (w/ color hud)
sandals: #EMPIRE - Hosta - Leather @Anybody

Jul 11, 2016


hair: rezology Sky 188 (mesh hair w/ color hud)
coat: :: Miss Canning ::  [ Over Shoulder Coat ] 12 Colors HUD
top: [Cynful] Iono top (available in other colors, w/ color hud 21 outerline colors)
skirt: coldLogic skirt - hemlock.cocoa
sandals: #EMPIRE - Hyacinth (high feet, freya, isis, venus, tmp, physique, hourG, maitreya - w/ color hud) @Season History

Jul 8, 2016


hair: Moon. Hair. // Tangerine 
lipstick: Deesses Boutique: CATWA - Sparkle lipstick set (5 colors)
top: Asteria - Julia Top / Black Gold (2 version: silver and gold) @Cosmopolitan
skirt: Asteria - Julia Skirt / Ivory Gold (2 version: silver and gold) @Cosmopolitan
clutch bag: !!C.F!! Leather Clutch
boots: #EMPIRE - Echium @Chapter 4
poses: .Focus Poses. Model 138 (pack w/ 5 static poses)

Jul 7, 2016


hat: *ARGRACE* Wide brim hat / B
hair: rezology New Yorker (mesh hair w/ color hud)
eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01 (mesh)
lipstick: Deesses Boutique: CATWA - Extravagance lipstick set (5 colors)
poncho: {ABC} Gigi Sheer Poncho Off-White (mesh, maitreya, hourG, freya) @The Liaison Collaborative
dress: EMPORIUM - Margot Dress (classic, maitreya, hourG, physique) @Anybody
boots: #EMPIRE - Cosmos (physique, hourG, isis, venus, freya, tmp, maitreya) @Crystal Heart Fair
poses: BellePoses - Renata (pack w/ 6 static poses)


Hair: Rezology - Violet (mesh hair w/ color hud)
Jumpsuit: Elegance Boutique - Flor / Pastel (maitreya, hourglass)
Sandals: Sheba - Mindy Heels (Slink and Belleza, w/ color hud)
Poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection Hilary #04

Jul 6, 2016


Duda Tutti:

Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *MEI* (w/ flower attachment - open July 9th@On9
Top: Ricielli - Claire Knot Shirt / Pink (Belleza, Slink Physique, HourG, Lara) @Cosmopolitan
Pants: Ricielli - Gia High Waisted jeans / Light Blue (Belleza, Slink Physique, HourG, Lara) @The Chapter 4


Hair: Diva (group gift)
Dress: Vicarious (freebie)
Socks: Mother Goose's (gift)
Sneakers: Unicorn Cupcake (gift)

Poses: [Omen Poses] Mommy Kisses & Baby Ice Cream (sold separately)


Hair: Rezology - Butterfly 086 (mesh hair, w/ color hud)
Jewelry: .:EMO-tions:. *GLORY * (mesh, w/ busty option) @We Love Roleplay
Top: [Cynful] Goddess Top (This item is not hudded (except for the fatpack). BUT includes a version without the lace. Sizes are Belleza Venus + Isis +Freya, Slink Physique + Hourglass, Maitreya Lara) @Cosmopolitan
Pants: {ABC} Katana Ripped Blue's / Faded Blue's (mesh, Maitreya body) @The Liaison Collaborative
Sandals: #EMPIRE - Solidago @Project Seven
Poses with guitar: BellePoses - Morissette (pack w/ 6 static poses) @Cosmopolitan