Sep 29, 2016


hair: .:EMO-tions.. *CLAUDIA*
sunglasses: REDGRAVE ! Sunglasses AVIATORS / V1.1 - (RGP2410006)
arm band:  -RYCA- Armband NC01 Gold   
bracelet: -RYCA- Bangle HU01/02 Gold
dress: Indented: PYT l Dress Red (freya, slink bodies)
shoes: #EMPIRE - Jamesia (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp) @Retro Rewind
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Allie' #13

Sep 27, 2016


hair: Moon. Hair // Ninth Ave Reverie
outfit: Asteria"Jane"[Maitreya/Belleza/Slink]Bodysuit/Harness - Army @Cosmopolitan
sandals: R.icielli - IRINA High Heels HUD 12 colors @Cosmopolitan


hair: rezology Break Free
dress: Indented: Dani l Dress Blue (maitreya, slink bodies) @Tres Chic
sandals: [Sheba] Oprah Heels  (Tex Changer Hud *Slink High)

Sep 26, 2016


hair: rezology Butterfly 091
lipstick: Deesses Boutique: CATWA - Extravagance lipstick set (5 colors)
choker: Ryca - Choker Vintage Stretch / Black
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - FreeMoon Tattoo / Purple (classic and mesh bodies) @Lost & Found
dress: [Cynful] Tangled Dress / Ombre @Kinky monthly
shoes: #EMPIRE - Viola (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp w/ color hud) @Whore Couture
poses: BellePoses - Von Vanity @Suicide Dollz

Sep 24, 2016


hair: *Besom~ Julian *Samples* 
harness top: #EMPIRE - Spiderweb (w/ color hud, slink bodies, belleza bodies, maitreya) @Whore Couture
panties: part of the body slink hourglass
pose: [Omen Poses] Bella 1


head: .: fiore :. Contoured Mesh Head (2.1)
skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Medusa Skin [Cotton Tone] (for fiore mesh heads, available in Ivory to chocolata tones)
eyeshadow: L'Etre - Medusa eyeshadow [#3] (for fiore mesh heads)
lipstick: L'Etre - Medusa lipstick [#6] for fiore mesh heads)
hair w/ hat: . Liquence . - F7 
bra and panties: Indented: Cheree l Black (freya, physique, hourglass) @Anybody
jumper: Indented: Cheree l Jumper Black (freya, physique, hourglass) @Anybody
sandals: [Sheba] Maisie Heels (Tex Changer Hud *Slink High)
Poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Joanne' #12

Sep 21, 2016


hair: rezology Butterfly 128
headband: IAF Rose Headband (w/ color hud)
necklace: Ryca - Necklace Multi-RYSS / Gold
top: Jourda x Cardi B Shredded Top Grey
high panties: WNDRLST. High Waist Panties [Black]
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Joanne' #12

Sep 20, 2016


hair: rezology Pearlescent
dress: EMPORIUM - Ashe Dress (w/ 20 textures hud, slink bodies, maitreya) @Pretty Things - Showroom Event
watch: Ryca - Watch Bracelet-RCA04 / Gold
shoes: #EMPIRE - Rose (belleza bodies, maitreya, slink bodies, tmp) @Kustom 9


head: LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Omega
skin: PELLE - VERONICA SKIN / CREAM (only for the event will be on sale 200L in store will be 499L) @Designer Circle
body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
hair: rezology Sleek and Centered 2 
eyelids: L'Etre - Natural mesh eyelids (shine option, unisex, w/ color hud and resize) @Tres Chic
top: Asteria "Lady Faith" Top - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Sugar @Tres Chic
skirt: Asteria "Lady Faith" Skirt - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Sugar @Tres Chic
gloves: Asteria "Lady Faith" Gloves - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Sugar @Tres Chic
pose: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Joanne' #12 (I used pose Joanne 4)

Sep 19, 2016


hair: .:EMO-tions.. *TOMMY* @Shiny Shabby
lipstick: Just Magnetized - Hellebore Lipstick (classic, omega, catwa)
earrings: [Since1975] TMP Earrings - Unisex (I'm using catwa head, I could edit all parts of the earring to fit) @Tres Chic
arm band: Ryca - ArmBand NS90 / Gold
top: Indented: Ksana l Top Brown (slink bodies, maitreya, freya) @Tres Chic
pants: Indented: Mya l Pants Orange (slink bodies, maitreya, freya) @Tres Chic
sandals: #EMPIRE - Aubreita (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp) @Whore Couture


head: CATWA HEAD Helena [FATPACK] V4.10
body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Misato Skin [Cotton Tone]
lipstick: L'Etre - Misato lipstick [#7]
hair: MOON // Hair // Keene
eyes: LOTUS. Crossroads Eyes Gift  / Night (event close Sept 28th) @The Crossroads
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Butterfly Tattoo - Gift Anniversary (omega, maitreya, slink, tmp appliers)
body harness: #EMPIRE - Honey (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya) @Whore Couture

Sep 15, 2016


hair: rezology Sky 078
top: EMPORIUM - Bella Blouse (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya, tmp) @Fluffy and Fierce
skirt: [Cynful] Play Back Mini / ombres (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya)
sandals: #EMPIRE - Zenobia (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya, tmp) @Collabor88
bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Erja bag Group gift 
cig: Mstyle - The Cig
cell phone: Earl's Bazaar - iPhone 5c Blue Typing AO

Sep 14, 2016


hair: .:EMO-tions.. *SANDRA* @Tres Chic (open 17th Sept)
top and skirt: EMPORIUM - Alicia Top&Skirt (w/ color hud - belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya, tmp) @Whore Couture
sneakers and socks: EMPORIUM - Alicia Sneakers&Socks (w/ color hud - belleza, slink, maitreya, socks omega applier@Whore Couture
bag: Missnoise_style - LADY BAG MULTICOLOR
poses w/ chair: BellePoses - Alicia (chair w/ 6 static poses) @Whore Couture


hair: rezology Sky 143
blouse: Jourda x Society Holey Floosy Top (belleza bodies, hourglass, maitreya)
panties:  Asteria - "Capretto" (slink bodies, maitreya) Panties - Black
sandals: #EMPIRE - Mallow (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya, tmp) @The Chapter 4
pose: [Omen Poses] Bella 2


hair: rezology Moonlight
necklace: Indented: Detention l Choker Gold (gacha 7) @Whore Couture
dress: Indented: Mrs. Foxxx l Red (gacha 2 - slink bodies) @Whore Couture
sandals: #EMPIRE - Tulip (belleza bodies, slink bodies, maitreya, tmp) @Whore Couture
backdrop: Indented: Classroom l Backdrop (gacha 3 RARE) @Whore Couture
chalkboard: Indented: Naughty Chalkboard (gacha 4) @Whore Couture
phone pile: Indented: Confiscated l Phone Pile (gacha 6) @Whore Couture
book: Indented: Secret Stash (gacha 5) @Whore Couture
desk: SAYO - Naughty Professor's Desk - ADULT + Couples @Whore Couture

Sep 12, 2016


hair: rezology Butterfly 099
necklace: Ryca - NECKLACE ANKH CROSS ICED / Gold
dress: Ricielli - Bobbi Dress / Gold (maitreya. slink bodies, isis, freya) @The Chapter 4
sandals: #EMPIRE - Wishbone (freya, isis. venus, maitreya, slink bodies, tmp) @Collabor88
pose w/ owl: BellePoses - Queen of Peace @Roullet3

Sep 9, 2016


*with the collaboration of my friend Chris

hair: HOMAGE -- Frenchie Redux
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Fighter Tattoo - Gift Anniversary (w/ appliers)
top: Bens Boutique - Sinem Crop Top - Hud Driven (classic, freya, venus, isis, maitreya, physique, hourglass)
shorts: [Cynful] Hey Bae Pants (freya, venus, isis, maitreya, physique, hourglass)
poses: . Focus Poses . Couple 38 / .Focus Poses. Couple 43

Sep 8, 2016


hair: rezology rezology Sky 102
dress: +Missnoise+ MOI DRESS KISS (classic, belleza, maitreya, slink physique) @Designer Circle
bag: Ricielli - Peekaboo Bag /White
shoes: #EMPIRE - Hebe @Collabor88

Sep 6, 2016


hair: MOON // Polly Droll // 
necklace: .:EMO-tions:. *AGNES *set @We <3 RP
pose + bathtub: BellePoses - So Legit (w/ 6 static poses) @Suicide Dollz


hair: PELLE - Lisa hair / black @Designer Circle
top: Asteria "Lisa" Top - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Black @TDR
panties: Asteria "Lisa" Panties - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Black @TDR
pants: Asteria "Lisa" Slit Pants - [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] - Orchid B @TDR
sandals: R.icielli - FANNIE High Heels HUD 12 colors @Cosmopolitan


Bella version natural skin and make up sold separately: 4 eyeshadows and 5 lipstick options for you choose

v4 Body applier L'etre - version without pushup and with pushup (for belleza, maitreya, slink and tmp bodies)

skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Bella Skin [Cotton Tone]
body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
body applier: L'Etre - Slink Body Appliers .V4 [Cotton Tone] / L'Etre - Slink Feet Appliers .V4 / L'Etre - Slink Hands Appliers .V4
head: CATWA HEAD Helena
hair: .:EMO-tions.. *AYSA* @Hairology
eyeshadow: L'Etre - Bella Eyeshadow [#1]
lipstick: L'Etre - Bella lipstick [#3]
bodysuit: Indented: Cindy l Bodysuit White (slink hourglass only)
skirt: Indented: Cindy l Skirt Blue (freya, hourglass, physique)
jewelry foot: #EMPIRE - Verbena (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp - with color hud) @The Chapter 4
poses: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Zara' #11 (pack w/ 6 static poses + pose stand)

Sep 3, 2016


With special guest of my friend Lalla

hair: rezology Sky 017
dress: Bens Boutique - Selin Frilly Dress - Hud Driven (classic, slink bodies, maitreya, fitmesh)
flats: #EMPIRE - Xylosma (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp)
pose friends: [Omen Poses] Good Feeling
land: Luanes World (rezz with group)

Sep 2, 2016


hair: Bens Hair Style - Telimena Hair
hairbase: Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 14 (classic, catwa, omega)
jumper: Indented: Cindy l Jumper / Orange (freya, slink bodies)
bag: IAF Leather Bag / black (With Poses)
shoes: #EMPIRE - Gaillardia (belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp)

Sep 1, 2016


hair: .:EMO-tions.. *KERIMA* @We <3 RP
piercing + earring: .:EMO-tions.. *SANYA* (classic, lelutka and catwa heads) @We <3 RP
top: Ricielli - Jessy Top / Bordo @Cosmopolitan
skirt: +Missnoise+ High Waist Skirt - LEATHER @Designer Circle
bag: Bens Boutique - Fiona Tote Bag
pose w/ milk shake: Moccino - Pose Pack Collection 'Natacha' #09