May 31, 2017


hair: DOUX - Any hairstyle
outfit: Bens Boutique -Maxine Outfit - Hud Driven (w/ 16 colors for earrings, top, pants, bag and shoes) only 200L

May 30, 2017


hair: Blues.Vanessa
earrings: Indented: Crossed
t-shirt: Jourda x Concert Choker T-Shirt / Vibe T-Shirt
pants: SPIRIT - Emil Pants @Uber
cigarette box: [Since1975] - KEEP THROWING SET - Cigarette Box
cigarette in hand: [NikotiN] Cigarette_GIRAFE
sneakers: ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker! Tiptoe

May 29, 2017


skin: SPIRIT Skins - Astreya skin (Fiore app, Special for Fiore Bento head) @Uber
hat: *ARGRACE* Wide brim hat / B
hair: TRUTH VIP - Bangs Collection / Side Whispy Left and Right (group key, no free)
eyes: L'Etre - Real Eyes [#43]
swatch: #EMPIRE - Nicotiana
flask: [Fetch] Caro Flask - SassyAF Gift <3 (I found it at @The Gacha Garden, until may 31th)
top: KITJA x PARKER - Fran Top / extra colors @Uber
pants: KITJA x PARKER - Fran Pants @Uber
sneakers: ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker! Tiptoe

May 28, 2017


hair: DOUX - Joanne hairstyle (99L at store)
sunglasses: Ryca - SUNGLASSES KP62 GOLD
dress: Indented: Serena l Orange @SaNaRae
sandals: Bens Boutique - Serenity High Heels - Hud Driven
bag: Ricielli - Peekaboo Bag /Caramel
magazine w/ pose: BellePoses - Magazine

May 27, 2017


mesh head: Genesis_Head_JANE Bento
skin applier: Genesis_Lab_Skin_Applier_VIVIEN_3.0/ Tiramisu @Uber
hair: Blues. Melissa 
dress: Apple May Designs - Get Comfy (w/ Graphics Hud add on)
sandals: #EMPIRE - Pincushion / Metallic Colors @Uber 

May 26, 2017


hair: Moon. Hair // Storm
bracelet: e.marie // Toggle Heart Bracelet @N21
top: Rebel Gal :: Halter Crop Top. @Uber
skirt: Rebel Gal :: Anna Leather Skirt. @Uber
sandals: Bens Boutique - Karie High Heels - Hud Driven
pose: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Donatella' #29


hair: Love [Blow your mind]
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Soul Silence Tattoo @Limit8
panty: [Cynful] Coax Lingerie Panties
pose w/ candle: BellePoses - Lydya (Bento) tp to join the group: @Pandora Box
sandal: #EMPIRE - Jaborosa (release for the Nikita Romper that blueberry made, it comes in 55 matching colors + Empire colors)

May 25, 2017


hoodie+hair: Blue Dust: Keiko Hair & Hoodie @N21  
sneakers: #EMPIRE - Ixora @N21  
cup coffee: STUN - Coffee (Included: 3 Coffees, only 20L)

May 24, 2017


skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Lola Skin / golden tone (catwa)
eyes: L'Etre - Real Eyes [#51] (mesh)
eyeshadow: L'Etre - Lola eyeshadow [#2]
lipstick: L'Etre - Lola lipstick [#4]
hair: TRUTH VIP - Kare
dress+sleeves: Apple May Designs - Water Colors @Shiny Shabby
sandals: #EMPIRE - Impatiens (release for the Nikita Romper that blueberry made, it comes in 55 matching colors + Empire colors)
poses: BellePoses - Soha - Bento @Limit8

May 23, 2017


hair: DOUX - Any hairstyle
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Soul Silence V1 Tattoo [Limited Edition] @Limit8


hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Desi Mesh Hair 
bra: :PARKER: Nancy Sport Bra. @Kustom 9
top: :PARKER: Nancy Top. @Kustom 9
pants: :PARKER: Nancy Leggings. @Kustom 9

May 22, 2017


hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kendall Mesh Hair
top: Ricielli - Ellen Top (32 Colors) @Cosmopolitan
pants: Jourda x Charlotte Slit Pants / Light Brown
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection "Cassie" #05

May 21, 2017


skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Mai Skin / sandy tone (catwa)
shape: L'Etre - Mai shape [CATYA]
hairbase: L'Etre - Allyson Hairbase
eyeshadow: L'Etre - Mai eyeshadow [#2] 
lipstick: L'Etre - Mai lipstick [#1]
eyes: L'Etre - Real Eyes [#50] (mesh eyes)
hair: little bones. Dion - Animated Gift
choker: L'Etre. Les accessoires - Cord choker (gift hunt mainstore)
top: SPIRIT - Nonna top @Kustom 9
playsuit: SPIRIT - Nonna playsuit @Kustom 9
shoes: #EMPIRE - Ixora (unisex - maitreya, slink, belleza, toodledoo) @N21

May 18, 2017


skin: L'Etre Skin Shop - Adachi Skin / golden tone (catwa)
hair: DOUX - Adachi hairstyle
eyes: L'Etre - Real Eyes [#41]
choker: Eclat - Velvet Choker
purple bra and panty: Indented: Lucy l Bra @Whimsical
pvc bra and panty: Indented: Luciana @Whimsical
sandals: #EMPIRE - Polyanthus @Kustom 9


dress: Indented: Breanna @Tres Chic
sandals: Salvadori - 'Python' Laced-Up Leather Sandals @Tres Chic


hair: Beusy: Delilah Mesh Hair (May Group Gift)
eyebrow+beauty mark+lipstick: Just Magnetized - Vanity Case - set 01 for Catwa @Powder Pack
necklace: RYCA - Necklace Multi-Beads Short/ Earring Set
bracelet: RYCA - Bracelet Multi-Beads
ice cream: e.marie // Ice Cream Cone - Heart Strawberry / gacha @Kustom 9
top: RINKA - Kiana Top @Tres Chic
skirt: RINKA - Kiana Skirt / extra colors @Tres Chic
sandals: #EMPIRE - Crocosmia @Kustom 9
1st pose: BellePoses - 80s Girl <3  - Dollarbie 5L

May 16, 2017


hair: [taketomi]_Mami_Bento
top w/ chain: [Cynful] Anniversary Gift Part 2
pants w/ chain: [Cynful]  Anniversary Gift Part 3 
nails: e.marie // Believe In Magic Set @Kustom 9
ice cream: e.marie // Unicone *RARE* (w/ color hud) / gacha @Kustom 9 
sneaker: Hucci Bow Sneaker - May 2017 Gift (subscriber)

May 15, 2017


hair: pr!tty - Endless @Enchantment 
dress: {ABC} Kay Summer Maxi / purple
sandals: Bens Boutique - Vague High Heels - Hud Driven
pose+dog+daisies+grass: Lil'Bug  Daisy gift (gift w/ group tag active: @The Gacha Garden)

May 14, 2017


skin: SPIRIT Skins - Serena skin @Kustom9 (open May 15th)
hair: DOUX - Any hairstyle 
dress: [Cynful] The Oh! Dress
clutch: Bens Beauty - Smyrna Clutch Bag with Texture change hud
shoes: Apple May Designs - Audra 2 Heels @Midnight Madness 
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Carla' #23
background: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Chamber Of Commerce @The Gacha Garden

May 13, 2017


hair: little bones. Camila - The Brunette @Collabor88
eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Perfect Eyebrows - set 02 for OMEGA & CATWA
eyeshadow: :BADDIE SALON: Stained Eyeshadows / steel (omega applier)
choker: Eclat - Velvet Choker
dress: Indented: Xenia l Black @Mesh Body Addicts
shoes: Appple May Designs - Audra Heels (These shoes will be available for free at the *midnight* round @Midnight Madness

May 12, 2017


hair: pr!tty - Morgan @Hairology
eyeshadow: :BADDIE SALON: B.Marie Cut Crease / Savage (omega applier)
dress: Ricielli - Eos II Dress 25 Colors @The Chapter 4
sandals: #EMPIRE - Ranunculus @Collabor88
background: Astralia - Vintage Backgrounds (Dressing Room)


dress: Bens Boutique - Milena Dress - Hud Driven
sandals: R.icielli - PHAEDRA  Sandals and Over The Knee Heels @Cosmopolitan
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Georgina' #30

May 11, 2017


hair: pr!tty - April @Hairology
top: KITJA - Dina Top @Uber
jacket: %.:EC:. Box Joe Biker Jacket
buttons: e.marie // 80s Button Pin Gacha - chill pill, i heart 80s, like totally, smiley pink and virgin @Rewind
nails: e.marie // COFFIN 80s Tips Set (vista prohand) @Rewind
watch: e.marie // Retro Watch - Pink @Rewind
cup: [Since 1975] - Enjoy uR Coffee-Hearth pink (gacha)
pants: .:villena:. - Superskinny Jeans - Light Blue
sandals: Bens Boutique - Alicia High Heels - Hud Driven

May 10, 2017


mesh head: Genesis_Head_JANE Bento
skin applier: Genesis_Lab_TAYLOR / tiramisu @Rewind
eyeshadow: Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadow_Applier_3.0_GRUNGE_SMOKY @Rewind
hair: pr!tty - Letti @Cutie Loot
dress: [Cynful] Empress Maxi Dress @Collabor88
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Respect&Courage Tattoo @The Darkness
poses: BellePoses - Mel 


hair: Love [Soda Pop] Hair @The Liaison Collaborative
face tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Monster Tattoo @The Chapter 4
ears: L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears
choker: L'Etre. Les accessoires - Cord choker (gift hunt mainstore)
top: SPIRIT - Bloom top @Collabor88
bra: SPIRIT - Bloom bra @Collabor88
shorts: SPIRIT - Bloom shorts @Collabor88
sandals: #EMPIRE - Rondeletia @Collabor88 
poses: BellePoses - Karina

May 9, 2017


hair: pr!tty - Luna @The Coven
top: Bens Boutique - Lykie Ruffle Top - Hud Driven
pants: Apple May Designs - Kalani 2 Pants
sandals: #EMPIRE - Zinnia - latex

May 7, 2017


hair: pr!tty - Hippie SUPER RARE @The Gacha Garden
headband:  pr!tty - Hippie Gacha - {Seed Of Inspiration} - Nature Kitty - {Branch Headband} - Lights + Flowers @The Gacha Garden
glasses: pr!tty - Hippie Frames - {3Pack} / gold @The Gacha Garden
choker: pr!tty - Hippie Gacha - {Seed Of Inspiration} - Branch Choker @The Gacha Garden
tattoo: *Queen oF Ink - Broken Heart Tattoo *Gift* @The Chapter 4 
dress: Indented: Lauren / white @The Chapter 4 
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Georgina' #30

May 6, 2017


skin: SPIRIT Skins - Gia skin / tan (catwa)
eyeshadow: SPIRIT Skins - Gia Eyeshadows FATPACK HUD
hair: pr!tty - Alessia @The Secret Hideout 
dress: Bens Boutique - Moxie Dress - Hud Driven
sandals: #EMPIRE - Penstemon @The Chapter 4 


hair: Love [Indigo] (50L gacha hair) @The Chapter 4
eyeliner: :BADDIE SALON: Wing It Mesh Eyeliner GLAM Black (mesh)
choker: L'Etre. Les accessoires - Cord choker (gift hunt mainstore)
dress: Bens Boutique - Svenja Dress - Hud Driven
plastic bag: BellePoses - Plastic Shopping Bag 4
boots: #EMPIRE - Euphorbia @The Secret Hideout 
pose w/ beer: BellePoses - Robyn

May 5, 2017


hair: pr!tty - Yuri (gacha room w/ 3 different styles: Yuri pigtails, ballons and windblown) @The Chapter 4
top and skirt: Bens Boutique - Mari Shirt & Skirt - Hud Driven
flats: Apple May Designs - Unicorn Toes @The Crossroads


hair: Exile - Gina (gift)
jumper: Apple May Designs - Bae Jumper
sandals: #EMPIRE - Moonflower @50 Linden Friday
swing: Raindale ~ tree swing ~ spring gift (1L)

May 4, 2017


hair+hat: TRUTH HAIR Fenella (all hair 75L regular hair packs, ends 12 May/2017)
top: KITJA - Dina Top @Uber
skirt: KITJA - Dina Skirt @Uber
sandals: #EMPIRE - Narcissus @The Chapter 4

May 3, 2017


hair: Love [Larcenist] @The Coven
eyeliner: SPIRIT Skins -  Esmehun Expression 2 (catwa applier)
lipstick: SPIRIT Skins - Esmehun Red (catwa applier)
dress: [Cynful] Tangled Dress - Yellow @TDR
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Daniela' #26


hair: Magika [01] Quote (150L at discount room)
necklace: RYCA - Necklace Coin RYC-02 Gold / medium gold
top: Indented: Teanna l Top Pink @TDR
skirt: Indented: Teanna l Skirt Black @TDR
clutch: Salvadori - 'Bette' Satin Clutch / charcoal

May 2, 2017


hair: Magika [01] Tendency (150L at discount area)
top: United Colors_Taka_Top_all in 1_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza @Uber
pants: United Colors_Taka_Pants_all in 1_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza @Uber
sandals: Bens Boutique - Regina High Heels - Hud Driven
poses: STUN - Pose Pack Collection 'Georgina' #30
skybox: Onsu ~ "Eggplant" Expandable Skybox (subscribe gift)


hair: TRUTH VIP - AveryElena (vip group gift)
moles+lipstick: [BLOOM] Delicate Lips & Moles CATWA HEAD Applier
bandana: [BLOOM] Bandana Patterns Collection
bra: SPIRIT - Sea bra @Uber
panties: SPIRIT - Sea panties @Uber
dress: SPIRIT - Sea dress @Uber
bag: e.marie // Cute But Awkwrad Gacha / Canvas Tote ~ Priorities @N21
sandals: #EMPIRE - Kniphofia @Uber

May 1, 2017


hair: [Mello] Oh My Doll
phone: Genesis_Lab_Phone_3.1 Bento RARE @Epiphany
phone case: Genesis_Lab_Phone_Case_Fur_SILVER @Epiphany
top: :PARKER: x KITJA. Lexy top #3 @Epiphany
shorts: :PARKER: x KITJA. Lexy shorts RARE #1 @Epiphany
socks: :PARKER: x KITJA. Lexy socks #10 @Epiphany